Update of my Life

Just looked over my blog from 2011 and realize that I’m ready to write again. I enjoyed reading my posts and reviewing the memories. So January 2, 2014, what does life look like for me?

I’m now a full time working woman, wife and mother, although my mothering duties are practically nil. When Aaron is home from Geneva College, I need to keep the refrigerator stocked but I haven’t driven him anywhere in so long that I’m not sure what it would be like to have him in the passenger seat. He even does most of his own laundry, just asking me to help him wash a good jacket occasionally. He is 20 and a sophomore, where did the years go?

Alexis mentioned the other day from her home in Nashville that she could use a mom in town to run her errands while she is busy at work. Yes, that is what I used to do, for everyone in my family but now the errand load gets shared.

Burkholder’s Flooring America in Hagerstown, Maryland is where I spend most of my days and I know more about flooring that I ever imagined that I would. Unfortunately, sometimes I try to share this information with strangers who don’t care about my wealth of flooring knowledge. I’ve approached random strangers in two different stores and warned them about using the Shark on their floors. The first woman I spoke to returned her Shark to the shelf, the second ignored my warning and proceeded to buy it for her mother who has a laminate floor. I can warn you, my readers, that this will lead to a disaster. I’m going to start handing my business cards out to people who don’t take my advice. 📇📇📇


Tis the Season

Yes, it is the season….of celebrating Christ’s birth and basketball.  As I prepare to celebrate Christmas with parties, cookies, gifts and decorating, I’m also spending many evening watching my son play his last season of basketball.  I love going to high school basketball games, a love started when my brother played many years ago.

As I was talking to another mother at the game on Monday, I was reminiscing about the basketball games that our family attended long before Aaron was playing.  He looked up to some high school players while he was in elementary grades and wanted to go watch them play especially on Friday nights.  We even drove 45 minutes to an away game one evening while Mark was traveling and I didn’t know where we were headed.  🙂  I’ve made all of those trips so often now that I don’t even use the GPS or get out my book of directions.

We were especially excited last week to check the local paper and see this photo…..

I had watched the photographer/reporter snapping photos during the girls’ game but never expected this shot to make the front page of the sports section.  He was going up for the shot against my favorite player on the other team (it helps that I like his mom).  Aaron is having a good season so far and I’m proud of his work ethic. He practices hard and studies hard to keep his grades high enough to play.

Alexis is driving home from Asbury University today for Christmas break.  I so enjoy having the house full of family.  So wish that Sang-a could join us.  We love her too.  Also wishing that I could see Audrey and her parents this Christmas, but we know they are busy and loved by family in Indiana.

The A to Z Guide to Me

(A shout out to Crissy – who reminded me that she likes to read my blog.)

Age: 50…..try to pretend I’m younger but my son usually reminds me and others of my real age.
Bed size: King….hate when I have to share anything smaller.

Chore I hate: Windows or Dusting? It’s a toss up.

Dog: Molly, a ten year old Weimeraner. She loves me much.

Essential start to my day: Coffee, of course.

Favorite color: Most shades of green.

Gold or silver: Was gold, now silver.  My favorite is still gold….my wedding band..

Height: 5’5″

Instrument I play: Piano; although my piano is better than my ability.

Job title: Probably …… drumroll please …….. knitter.  🙂

Kids: Two – Alexis, 21 and Aaron, 18. They’ve made me laugh and cry.

Live: Greencastle, PA.

Mother’s name: Norma, Nornie, Mom, Grandma

Nicknames: Can I say “Kim”?

Overnight hospital stays: Just after c-sections.

Pet Peeve: Spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Quote from a movie: “if you build it, he will come”

Right or left handed: Right handed…..the only way to knit.

Siblings: One younger brother, Keith.

Time I wake up: 6:45.

Underwear: Yes, but nothing that causes VPLs.

Vegetables I love:  Roasted Carrots, Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts

What makes me run late: I hate being late. If we’re leaving at 11:00; 11:02 is late.

X-rays I’ve had: Only at the dentist.

Yummy food I make: Lemon Poppy Seed Scones. I can bake most anything, just give me a recipe.

Zoo animal: Giraffes.

I have much to be thankful for tonight. I really need to blog more often.  🙂

I am thankful that I spent a weekend with Kim Bolton at the Salvation Army Camp called Happyland in Williamsburg, VA.  I picked Kim up at BWI and drove to Williamsburg from the airport by following my GPS and thus had no idea where I was for the weekend.  Just found out by googling Camp Happyland. 

 It is a great reminder to be thankful when you spend time with Salvation Army Majors and their congregations.  The program was exceptional and I came home loaded with gifts as did all the attendees.  I am also  thankful for a pair of rubber cowboy boots which I purchased for $5.00 on Friday evening in the rain and mud.  I wore them outside for the entire weekend; a new look for me.  🙂

I am thankful that a friend of Aaron’s came over and helped move some furniture for me. He was happy to earn some cash and I am thankful to still have a whole and healthy back. This is my new prayer chair purchased at a great discount at the Wolf Outlet in Hagerstown.  I need to make some adjustment to my corner, but I am thankful for this spot in our home.

    Doesn’t this look like a wonderful quiet spot?  Mark wants to move his office back to the basement room, so I’m emptying it of my stuff.

I am also thankful for a Korean mechanic who changed my flat tire today and only asked for $10; I gave him $20.  I had dropped Kim at BWI and heard my van’s flat tire beep shortly after leaving the airport.  I watched the gauge quickly drop from 27 pounds to 7 pounds in a miles it took me to find a garage. 

I slowly drove home from Baltimore with the donut spare at a slow 55 miles per hour and took the van to Fitzgerald and am thankful that they could repair the tire for $30 instead of needing a new tire.  The service technician asked me if I have any enemies when he showed me the 3 inch knife blade that came out of my tire. I am thankful to say that I don’t.

I am thankful to be home on this rainy evening and will soon be tucked into bed.

I am thankful that Mark earns frequent flyer perks from Southwest. I don’t like that he needs to fly so often, but I am thankful when he can use those perks for his family.  Mark and Aaron flew to Tampa, Florida early on Saturday morning to attend the Baltimore Orioles’ second game this season against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Orioles won and played a great game.  I am thankful that they flew home this morning and were able to tell me all about the game over lunch at Cafe Del Sol.

While they were gone, I invited a few “new” friends over for a movie night.  I am thankful that all four were available to come over. I encouraged them to knit with me as we watched the movie.  Kathy choose to sew the binding on her son’s quilt and I knitted, but everyone else was willing to be hands free.

I had fun preparing some finger food for the evening.  Two of my favorites were Pita Triangles and Petite Vanilla Bean Scones.

Prebaked Pita Triangles


Petite Vanilla Bean Scones

I am thankful that my entire Grove family got to celebrate Easter last Sunday while Alexis was home for spring break.  It was difficult to find a meal time that fit quickly into the schedules of 10 people, but we did.  It took my mom several phone calls, but she didn’t give up.  She wanted to feed all of her family at the same time.

Ham, Mac & Cheese, Chicken and Pickled Eggs

Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad

Pickles, Corn, Jello Salad and Peas

The food was great but the conversation was wonderful.  I am thankful that we could celebrate what Christ did for us in His death and resurrection with family who love each other.

Thankful Mom

Today I am thankful for my son’s attitude.  Those who know me well know that I am not always thankful for his attitude and while I will not go into detail about the why, suffice it to say that his attitude has caused me much more concern than his behavior ever did.

This afternoon, I watched Aaron play the first scrimmage baseball game of his junior year. There are many players on the team who are new to the game of baseball and their swings at the ball and missed catches in the field left much to be desired.

Aaron started the game at 1st base. After an inning, he moved to pitcher.  I got nervous because Aaron can throw hard but he is not a pitcher.  😦  He did well in the 2nd inning but things sort of feel apart in the 3rd…..3 balks in a row and I even noticed an earlier one that didn’t get called. (Balk is the correct word, google it if you aren’t a baseball fan.)  The umpire walked over to the mound to show him what he was doing wrong, the catcher had a brief discussion with him.  One of the coaches walked out and talked to him.  I am so proud of how well he pitched after all of that stuff. He looked respectful as each one explained how he needed to change.

He finished the game squating as catcher which is really where he feels the most comfortable.  He also hit 3 doubles and 1 single and drove in 2 rbi’s and I heard him calling encouraging words to him teammates many times during the game.

The coach called Aaron after we got home and told him that the umpire had come over to him and commented on Aaron’s composure and ability to stay calm during  the game.  I’m so proud of him.  Shalom lost the game…..really lost big…..but my son won in something more than a scrimmage game.  I am so thankful.